I know how hard it is for you to exercise with a busy schedule.

From the moment your foot hits the floor, you are making breakfast, changing diapers, getting everyone ready for the day. Then comes the day itself, which is filled with even more tasks, cleaning, and chores.

So how do we make time for ourselves? Maybe, you do a little here, a little there. Leaving your workouts a hit or miss.

You WANT to workout. You WANT energy. And you WANT to feel good. So let me give you 10 ways moms can find time to workout.

CONSIDERATION: Please consult your doctor before starting a new exercise program, or if you experience pain or discomfort (stopping performing exercise immediately)

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No time for yourself?

Remember the days of working out in the gym, going for a run first thing in the morning, hiking trails, or going to yoga class after work so you could unwind?

No, I’m not trying to depress you, because our lives are filled with a much more joy now from our family! But life before kids, you were first priority.

I know life is busy for everyone, but for moms it’s just crazy busy. So, how do you find time for something like working out!?

Well first, it won’t happen unless you are intentional about YOUR DAY and YOUR TIME! If you’re waiting around for the perfect time to exercise, IT WON’T HAPPEN!

On the flip side to that, just about anytime is a good time to workout.

Being creative with what you do, how you do it, and what you use, is key to a great workout every day.

With that said, the focus should stay on being ACTIVE, not necessarily the perfect exercises, at the perfect time of day. You should strive for good health, and staying active will help get you there.

And remember, there is more than one way to get fit and stay healthy. Chose what you enjoy to do, and it’s almost guaranteed to happen.

Be flexible and kind to yourself vs. rigid and hard on yourself, it will serve you well. STOP thinking you need a specific time, location, and plan to have a great workout.

Here are different times of the day moms can find time to workout…

1. Set up an early morning  routine, before the kids wake up.

This is a sure fire way to make sure you have you time to yourself to exercise.

So, wake up with hubby! Or set your alarm for 5:30…yes 5:30! When you wake DON’T go straight to Facebook or check emails, instead grab some water and coffee, then warm up.

If you normally wake at 7-7:30 this may seem like a big jump at first, but it’ll give you time to get your body awake with a warm up and get in a good 15-20 minute workout before the kiddos wake up.

With a quick workout, like 15-20 minutes, you wouldn’t necessarily need to eat breakfast beforehand so that frees up time also.

Early morning exercises has its own benefits, like more energy throughout the day and we all want that!

2. Kid’s midday nap time/ Kid’s lunch time

A midday workout is a great pick-me-up, probably even better than coffee, (but don’t worry coffee is a great pre-workout drink, so it still has its place).

If your kids still nap at around lunch time take advantage! Hopefully they take good, long naps that gives you time for a warm up, workout, and stretch.

Whether or not you have nappers or a mix of both, you can squeeze in a quickie while they eat lunch. workout right there in the dining room with exercise bands!

3. Late afternoon

I know in my house after naps are done for the day and daddy gets home, it’s usually crunch time to straighten the house, get dinner cooked and eaten, dishes washed before sports or other activities, so it’s hard to find time in-between.

BUT…there’s always a way! Be creative with your time on those busy days. It doesn’t always have to be a “full” workout to reap the benefits.

4. During your kid’s practice

When my little ones first started sports and activities I thought it was so cute and I didn’t want to miss a moment.

But as they grew a bit older and didn’t need me on the sidelines anymore for potty breaks, I gained a little freedom. So I use this time for daily walks or playground workout.

Of course you could always bring the bands 😁

This is a good option for all moms if you don’t have the time during the day to workout, you can at least have a walk or run, or have a full 1-hour of warm up, workout, cool down, while they practice (side note: I NEVER do this during games! We should be fully present and supportive).

5. At the playground

Get some fresh air! If your kids are big enough to play safely without you next to them (in eye’s view of course), you can exercise on the playground while they play.

This is a great way to get creative, your equipment is all around you, go equipment free, or bring small equipment.

And it’s more fun for the kids! They can either join in, or giggle because they think mom looks funny exercising in front of strangers 😂

6. When the kids go to bed

Setting your kids up on a good bedtime routine is best for them and YOU. This gives you a block of time alone that’s pretty much guaranteed.

This is a good time to workout out with hubby, or if he doesn’t exercise regularly maybe seeing you workout regularly at this time will get him to join you.

That’s great quality time spent together AND you’d have a workout buddy! He can be there to push you and motivate you, when you can’t yourself.

7. Split Up Throughout The Day

If you know your day is going to busier than normal, you can intentionally plan a split workout day. Or even

if it just happens, go with it and know its possible to get it finished. There’s a few ways you can do it.

  • You can work out for 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes midday, and 10 more minutes before dinner or when the kids go to bed.
  • Half and half, 15 minutes morning and 15 minutes evening.
  • You can perform your warm ups first thing in the morning, 30 minute workout midday, and stretching/yoga at night.

Sometimes you may start a workout, then the baby wakes up earlier than normal cutting it short.

So you might try to finish it at nap time, but your mom calls and you talk until the baby wakes, again.

And with determination, you try to finish your workout when its bedtime for the kids.

Been there, done that, many times! Some days are crazier than others, so just split up your workout.

No excuses, there are ways to get it done.

8. While the kids are playing inside

When the kids are inside hanging, or keeping busy playing, take a few minutes to squeeze in a workout!

Like these pelvic floor exercises  and diastasis recti safe exercises.

This is also a good time to do yoga, personally I love to watch Tara Stiles on YouTube.

If the kids can’t stay busy while you need this time to yourself, put on a movie or give them screen time. Its okay!

Remember, you give so much time and energy into the kids, that sometimes you gotta do what you need to so you have that time to yourself.

9. Workout with the kids

Depending on their age, there are several to workout with kids.

  • Baby/Toddler – Wearing your baby while you workout.
  • Small Children – Set up a “Workout Zone” for them.
  • Big Kids – Set up an obstacle course you both can do, or let them workout by your side.
  • Tweens/Teens – Take a workout class with them at your gym, or involve them in a buddy routine.

10. Just do it at anytime!

Seriously, anytime and anywhere is a great time to exercise. Don’t get it in your head that you need the perfect time and place to workout.

If you can’t seem to make the time for whatever reason, just do it at odd moments throughout the day. You can really get creative with your time and space as you learn exercises. Some options are…

The options are nearly endless to stay active, moving, and get in little doses of exercise throughout the day. It’s just up to you to get it done. Hopefully I’ve shown you enough options to squeeze in a workout.

I will say though, if you can tell your husband you NEED a certain time of the day to workout, and for him to take over the kids so you can focus, that’s even better. You should also do the same for him, because daddy needs his time also.

And if you’re a single mama you can still make it work. Don’t feel guilty if you need to keep them in daycare a little extra or have them in before/after school program.

Isn’t consistency best?

Yes! So if you CAN exercise consistently, at the same time everyday, GO FOR IT. Studies show and experts agree, that if you workout at the same time everyday you’re more likely to stick with it. And it becomes more of a habit.

When you strive for a routine workout,  your body will miss it when you don’t workout and signal you that it WANTS that movement. Making you want to stick with it.

Ideally we all want a “scheduled” uninterrupted workout daily, but let’s be real, it won’t always happen. Don’t let it become your crutch, that if its not at the perfect time you’re not going to do it.

Here’s my go to workout equipment for anywhere!

You want to be able to exercise anytime, anywhere. I’m a big fan of no equipment exercises, but you should have essentials on hand for when you want to switch it up.

You don’t need dumbbells and large equipment, or a gym to get an awesome workout. These items take up only a small space in your home, you can easily travel with them, and they’re not a hassle to pull out and put away.

  • Band This is my favorite piece of equipment. It’s so versatile, compact, and works great for building lean muscles. I use my bands daily, in all my workouts. I have always used them in my clients programs also, men and women alike.
  • Yoga Mat You may not always need a yoga mat, but I think it’s a great reminder that the yoga mat is all the space you need for an awesome workout. I suggest you roll yours out at every workout. The mat provides grip for your feet and hands (you should be exercising barefooted).
  • Pilates Ball This little ball is a great core builder! Just by squeezing the ball in your hands helps active the pelvis and abs. I usually pair it with lower body exercises, which easily makes it a full body exercise. It has many uses for your upper and lower body exercises also. It’s a great small addition to your workout. The Pilates Ball is easy to inflate/deflate when traveling.
  • Exercise Ball The biggest and bulkiness of the equipment, but still fairly easy to inflate/deflate to travel with, or just keep at home. For pregnant mamas this should be your best friend! Being pregnant wreaks your posture, which leads to more heartburn and digestive issues. Poor posture also keeps baby from getting into optimal position for birth. The ball also gives your bottom some relief if you have hemorrhoids. Pregnant, giving birth, postpartum, or 10 years after having babies the ball is a great tool to use for many exercises.

What do I do now?

I know that finding time in your day may seem impossible at times, but don’t let that rob you of a great, fast workout! Now let me walk you through a workout here!

The workouts are quick and do the job of hitting lots of muscle groups.

Its great for beginner to advanced. You can make ANY workout YOUR workout!

So what do you think?

How do you find time to workout? What are other creative ways and times to fit in a workout? What is your go to small equipment you use? Do you have a workout plan you stick with or just wing it day by day? Tell me about your routine and your thoughts.


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