Working Mom To Stay At Home Mom: The BIG Transition


There seems to be an unspoken subject, about moms transitioning from working to staying at home. No one talks about this abrupt change in life. So many years have been put into school training you to work. Money, time, degrees, gone. Which, by the way, did not train you for being a wife and mom, or for any of life’s big moments, for that matter.

Maybe most don’t think its a big deal, being a stay-at-home mom, you GET to be at home all day! Its a privilege, RIGHT? Forget the sacrifices you’ve made for the family to be at home, like spending time with adults, showering everyday, your sanity (at times).

And let’s not forget the guilt moms feel because, “I don’t contribute financially”. Or the guilt of feeling guilty, “Why can’t I appreciate not having to work, and see the blessing it is to be at home?”

It may seem great on the outside, wake up and spend half the day in your PJs, hang out at home with the kids. In reality, its a constant circle of eat, clean, repeat…

When a person goes to work (even if they hate their job) they feel a sense of accomplishment when the day is done. In the SAHM world, that piece is missing. Days seem to fill up with busy, unending tasks, until at the end of the day exhaustion sets in.

Life is better when you…

Stay in the moment… in the moment of breakfast, reading to the kids, and scrubbing toilets. In the moment, nothing matters beyond that point. Then you can relax and realize, at the end of the day, your kids got to have you, all day, and you got to have them. YOUR daily presence is best for them.

And know that EVERY mom feels this way, in one way or another. So, find a group of THOSE moms. Join a mom playgroups, IN PERSON, not just on Facebook.

OH…exercise and eat healthy, that will always make life better.


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